Internationally networked - anchored in Basel


Basel has established its central role as an economic region thanks to its unique location in the border triangle and access to the world's oceans. The approximately 10 globally active companies with roots in the region play a major role in sustainable economic development. In particular, Basel as an innovative science and research location in the pharmaceutical (Roche, Novartis, Actelion, etc.) and chemical industries (BASF, Clariant, etc.) sectors draws attention to itself, enabling the city and its agglomeration to strengthen their position as an economic region worldwide.


Culture has a long tradition in Basel and is represented in many ways. Europe's largest number of museums offers a wide range of cultural diversity. With the Tinguely Museum as the oldest art museum and the Beyeler Museum as the most visited museum in Switzerland, the city of Basel has a unique offer worldwide. Key Advisors AG is proud to be able to use and support the cultural offer.


Major sporting events such as the popular tennis tournament Swiss Indoors and the Champions League matches of FC Basel bring world-class athletes to the region and make Basel appear all over the world. Key Advisors AG uses the local proximity and supports the respective institutions.