In addition to Portfolio Management we offer advisory services to independent external asset managers. We operate as a clearing house for your trading activities and are at your disposal for the preparation of customer reports and evaluations.


A lot of asset managers do not find enough time to manage their client portfolios and continuously following markets and investments beside running the own company, doing client relationship management and the steadily increasing regulatory work. Various asset classes, different reference currencies and connections to multiple custodians are using substancial resources. In these cases we can assist you as an independent portfolio management specialist.


We can actively support you with the following works:

  • Implementation of the asset allocation you have chosen togehter with your client
  • Handling of all exchange orders
  • Observation of client positions
  • Hedging of equity- and forex positions
  • Observation of open options-, future- and forward positions
  • Consolidation of various client accounts
  • Risk observation on a consolidtated basis


Your advantages:

  • More time for your daily client relationship management
  • Having access to your own portfolio management team which continously monitors the markets and cares about your clients assets
  • Lower costs compared to an own portfolio management team
  • One partner for the whole portfolio management activities

If you would like to get more information about a possible cooperation, the different ways of working together or the costs involved you can easily contact as under the number +41 61 226 20 35 for unbinding informations. We are looking forward to your contact.