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As an independent asset manager we care about your wealth on a professional and daily basis, and not just part time. Our long time experience in serving institutional and private clients guarantees an optimal support on an individual basis. As a niche player we are used to focus on the clients' specific needs. The share capital, which is 100% owned by the partners of the company, guarantees a long time, continuous and tailored client liaison.


As of January the 30th 2015 Key Advisors AG has received the final approval from the Oberaufsichtskommission Berufliche Vorsorge (OAK BV) for the management of pension funds.

News / Research

Below you will find the latest developments for Key Advisors (reports only in german):
01.11.2019 - Europäische Chemieaktien
20191101 Europäische Chemieaktien.pdf
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25.10.2019 - Swiss Small- und Midcaps
20191025 Swiss Small- und Midcaps.pdf
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04.10.2019 - Hypothekarbericht September 2019
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02.10.2019 - UBS Best of Switzerland Conference 2019
UBS Best of Switzerland Conference 2019.
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Share cap: CHF 100'000 fully paid up and 100% owned by partners
Regulation:     PolyReg (SRO), PolyAsset (Standesregulierung der PolyReg), Oberaufsichts-kommission Berufliche Vorsorge (OAK BV)



Straumann-Treuhand, Therwil

Copartner Revision AG, Basel

VAT-Nr.: CHE-115.677.560


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