For private clients we are offering services beyond the traditional asset management, financial precautions or financial planning. We are acting as a person entrusted in negotiations with banks or other financial institutes and can therefore enable you the convenient service and the most favourite conditions. We are assisting you by choosing the best Bank and are at you side for a perfect and straightforward opening. We can therefore rely on our already existing business relations with our partner banks (see correspondent banks).


Key Advisors AG and the client are together establishing an optimal investment strategy. Besides the personal conversations, where the clients informs us about his needs a risk analysis questionnaire is helping to find the optimal strategy. It is important to us that every client gets his individual and personalised investment strategy, based on his own risk carrying capacity and willingness. All below mentioned strategies are offered in the currencies CHF, EUR and USD.


Our strategies



The income strategy is the most defensive investment strategy offered and is concentrated on investments in money markets, fixed income and capital guaranteed products. The clients aim is to generate a moderate income without broader volatilities.



With a balanced strategy the client whishes’ a higher income but is therefore also open to accept a higher volatility. Besides investments in money markets, fixed income and capital guaranteed products parts of the fortune is also invested in shares and derivatives. The clients normally have a longer investment horizon and are therefore able to absorb value fluctuations better than clients with an income strategy.



The growth strategy has an increased slice invested in shares which can go up to 100% of the total assets. Clients invested in this strategy are having a long time horizon for their investments and know how to deal with market corrections. For clients invested in the growth strategy we recommend to allow us to work with options to protect the investments against possible setbacks. The possible yields of the growth strategy are, in a long term view higher than in the previous mentioned strategies.


Special instructions

Besides the conventional strategies the client can also choose a customised approach which differs from the previous mentioned strategies.

Furthermore the Key Advisors strategies are offering the most possible flexibilities as the clients can choose in which foreign currencies he would like to invest and how they should be weighted.


Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone +41 61 226 20 35 in case of interest. We are looking forward to getting in contact with you.