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Portfolio Management Relationship Management

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Renato Ghidini started his career in 1982 as an apprentice at the Swiss Bank Corporation in Basel. In 1987, he worked for one year as an assistant at an Agent de Change on the Paris Stock Exchange. After various trading activities in the stock exchange department of the Bankverein and a part-time visit to the Basel University of Applied Sciences, he set up the sales department for derivative products. In 1992, he moved to what was then Ciba-Geigy, where he was responsible for the company's equity investments and the pension fund. Following the merger into Novartis and the transfer of responsibility for the pension fund's equity investments, the move back to what is now UBS took place in 1997. He was responsible for the establishment of a consulting and sales department for external asset managers. In 2003 he switched to an asset manager and in 2010 he became self-employed with Key Advisors AG.

Sven Mathis completed an all-round internship at UBS between 1999 and 2001. He then went on to study at the Basel University of Applied Sciences, which he successfully completed in 2004 with a degree in Finance and Accounting & Controlling. Throughout his studies in business administration, he continued to work for UBS. After his studies, he moved to an asset manager and attended the AZEK, where he was trained as a financial analyst and asset manager (CIIA). After a stay abroad at Credit Suisse in Singapore, where he was responsible for the supervision of asset managers, and a brief detour to an asset manager on the Basel square, he set up his own business with Key Advisors AG in 2010.

Mario Pirola continued to work in a private client department at Swiss Bank Corporation (SBC) in Basel after completing his apprenticeship. After 8 years at the SBC, he made a brief detour to what was then ABN in 1989, where he worked for institutional clients at the head office in Amsterdam. In 1990 he moved to Trafina Privatbank and worked for 20 years in various positions. In the end, he was responsible for the entire bank as CEO. After three years with an asset manager, he joined Key Advisors AG in 2014 as a partner. In his daily work, he relies on a trilogy of reason, heart and gut feeling.

Gérald Christe

Daniel Wiser

Rafael Strub

Relationship Management

Relationship Management

Portfolio Management

Gérald Christe has many years of professional experience in various management positions in the financial sector. He began his professional career in 1975 with an internship at the former Swiss Bank Corporation (SBC) in Basel. In 1979, Gérald Christe moved to London for two years, where he also worked for Swiss Bank Corporation. From 1981 to 2008, he served wealthy private banking clients in Basel. In 2009, he moved from UBS to the internationally active Geneva-based private bank Mirabaud & Cie SA, where he served Swiss, French and Belgian private and institutional clients.

Daniel Wiser has a long career in various functions in the financial sector. After several years of experience in foreign exchange and derivatives trading, he joined the portfolio management team of the internationally active Geneva-based private bank Mirabaud & Cie SA (formerly Banque Jenni & Cie SA) in Basel in 2001. From 2006, Daniel Wiser concentrated on the development and support of Swiss and international private and institutional clients.

Rafael Strub began his career in 2007 at the Basel-based private bank Baumann & Cie, where he also completed his apprenticeship as an M-profile banker (including his vocational baccalaureate) in 2010. After completing his apprenticeship, he gained his first professional experience as an assistant in investment consulting. From 2011 onwards, he attended the part-time course in business administration at the FHNW. Meanwhile, he joined Key Advisors AG in October 2012 as Junior Portfolio Manager. He graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, majoring in Finance, and has been taking the Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA) course at AZEK since 2016.

Martine Lachat

Miquela Pfenninger

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After completing her commercial apprenticeship, Martine Lachat began her professional career in 1988 at the Zürcher
Kantonalbank, where she received extensive training in the financial sector. Meanwhile, Ms. Lachat also worked on the Zurich Selnau stock exchange for those banks that were not represented on the floor. In 1995, she moved to the former Banque Générale de Luxembourg (Suisse) SA in Zurich, where she worked as management assistant until 2000. Ms Lachat then supported the management of Dexia Privatbank (Switzerland) in Basel and later acted as investment advisor to European clients. In 2009, she joined Bank Mirabaud & Cie, where she was responsible for the management and development of European clients and independent asset managers. Ms. Lachat joined Key Advisors AG in autumn 2018.


Miquela Pfenninger completed her vocational school-leaving examination from 2012 to 2013, after successfully completing her 3-year commercial college with a diploma, after completing her internship at the Coop Depositenkasse in Basel. After gaining her first experience in the financial sector, she moved to Zurich Insurance for a total of 1.5 years, where she worked in both social security and motor insurance at the head office in Zurich. After a brief detour in a sales department for software and hardware solutions, she joined Key Advisors AG in 2017 as an administrative employee / receptionist.